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The Artists & Concerts, 1970s:

1969 - 70, Season 23
Artists & Ensembles Instruments
Don Shirley Trio popular
Christoph Eschenbach piano
Cologne Chamber Orchestra chamber orchestra
Ray Still Ensemble instrumental ensemble
1970 - 71, Season 24
Artists & Ensembles Instruments
Camerata Bariloche chamber orchestra
Jeffery Siegel piano
Leonard Rose cello
Ballet Brio dance
1971 - 72, Season 25
Artists & Ensembles Instruments
Simon Estes bass-baritone
Stars of Jazz instrumental ensemble
Alistaire Trio with Dale Clevenger instrumental ensemble with horn
Kyn-Woo Paik piano
1972 - 73, Season 26
Artists & Ensembles Instruments
Angelicum Orchestra of Milano chamber orchestra
Regis Pasquier violin
Craig Sheppard piano
Angus Godwin folk singer
1973 - 74, Season 27
Artists & Ensembles Instruments
Texas Boys Choir choir
Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra chamber orchestra
Thomas Schumacher piano
Vermeer String Quartet quartet
1974 - 75, Season 28
Artists & Ensembles Instruments
Boston Symphony Chamber Players chamber orchestra
World of Gilbert & Sullivan duo
Longstreth & Escosa harp duo
Hilda Harris mezzo-soprano
1975 - 76, Season 29
Artists & Ensembles Instruments
Dubrovnik Festival Orchestra chamber orchestra
Yehuda Hanani cello
Chicago Symphony Brass Trio trumpet, trombone, horn
Welsh Choir of Cardiff chorus
1976 - 77, Season 30
Artists & Ensembles Instruments
Chicago Symphony String Quartet with Joseph Guestafeste string quintet
Goldovsky Grand Opera Theatre opera
Thomas Schumacher piano
Richards Quintet woodwinds quintet
1977 - 78, Season 31
Artists & Ensembles Instruments
Don Shirley Trio popular
Diane Walsh piano
Jackson, Johnson & Lott bass, soprano, piano
Canadian Brass Quintet brass quintet
1978 - 79, Season 32
Artists & Ensembles Instruments
Moscow Chamber Orchestra chamber orchestra
Gregg Smith Singers chorus
Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra symphony orchestra
EARS Jazz of all Eras jazz
Trio Vienna piano, flute, bassoon

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