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The Artists & Concerts, 1990s

1989 - 90, Season 43
Artists & Ensembles Instruments
Bruce Yeh with Tamara Orlovsky, piano clarinet
Quartetto Beethoven di Roma piano quartet
Berlin Octet string and wind ensemble
Indianapolis Ballet Theatre ballet
1990 - 91, Season 44
Artists & Ensembles Instruments
Quadrangle Chamber Players chamber ensemble
Benedetto Lupo piano
Christopher Trakas baritone
Camerata Lysy chamber orchestra
1991 - 92, Season 45
Artists & Ensembles Instruments
Ensemble Pierrot ensemble with voice
Elmer Iseler Singers chorus
Amersterdam Loeki Stardust Quartet recorder quartet
Lafayette String Quartet string quartet
1992 - 93, Season 46
Artists & Ensembles Instruments
New York Woodwind Quintet woodwind quintet
Myung-Hee Chung piano
Borodin Trio violin, piano, cello
London Ballet Theatre ballet
1993 - 94, Season 47
Artists & Ensembles Instruments
Musica Antiqua Koeln baroque ensemble
Valery Kuleshov piano
Petersen Quartet string quartet
Chicago Pro Musica instrumental ensemble
1994 - 95, Season 48
Artists & Ensembles Instruments
Boehm Woodwind Quintette woodwind quintet
Leontovych String Quartet string quartet
Mykola Suk piano
New York Philomusica with Robert Levin, piano ensemble
1995 - 96, Season 49
Artists & Ensembles Instruments
Brian Ganz piano
Saturday Brass Quintet brass quintet
David Kim and Myung-Hee Chung violin, piano
Concertante di Chicago chamber orchestra
1996 - 97, Season 50
Artists & Ensembles Instruments
Toulouse Chamber Orchestra with Michel Debost orchestra with flute soloist
Chicago Pro Musica instrumental ensemble
Christopher Taylor piano
Borodin Quartet string quartet
1997 - 98, Season 51
Artists & Ensembles Instruments
Janacek Chamber Orchestra chamber orchestra
Mandelring String Quartet string quartet
Gruppman Duo with Mykola Suk violin, viola, piano
An Afternoon at the Opera vocal ensemble
(Lyric Opera Center for American Artists)
1998 - 99, Season 52
Artists & Ensembles Instruments
Bach Aria Group voice, strings, winds
Close Encounters with Music violin, piano, cello
Jon Nakamatsu piano
Boehm Woodwind Quintet with Mykola Suk, piano woodwind quintet
1999 - 00, Season 53
Artist Instruments
National Chamber Orchestra of Toulouse chamber orchestra
Anthony and Joseph Paratore piano duo
Amsterdam Loeki Stardust Quartet recorder quartet
Amici Trio flute, cello, piano

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